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Clipping : Polygon

When a 2D image is displayed onto a display screen, often the display area occupies a fraction of the amount of space that covers the entire image area. Thus the unnecessary parts of the image that are located outside the display area can be removed to reduce the exorbitant amount of computations involved to render them. This technique to remove such inessential parts of a scene lying outside the display area is called clipping. The display area is also called the clipped window.

The technique used to cut/clip the parts of the polygon belonging in the region, outside of the clipped window, is called polygon clipping.

Some common algorithms to perform polygon clipping are as follows:

  1. Sutherland-Hodgeman algorithm
  2. Wiler-Atherton algorithm
Here we have discussed only the Sutherland-Hodgeman Polygon Clipping algorithm.